Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FOTD | Maleficent

I know I know ... "Deja, where is weekly makeup tag?" Yes, I'm still a participant, but this week we had to send our pictures earlier, because momma of Weekly tags, Aqeela, went on holiday (lucky gurl!) and I didn't have time to do new makeup look. So, I decided to send my old (but gold!) makeup look I did for The Penguin Challenge last year. I mean you can tell it's not from now, my hair looks completely different :)

Check out Aqeela's blog here and show other girlies some love! We work hard, mmm-kay?
And here's my full (drag) black and white makeup: click.

Back to today's FOTD. I was going through my makeup stash (I feel like I do that weekly, but it's still a mess) and found purple eyeshadow that I never used before. Well, time to put you on my eyelids, baby. I combined it with light green and black, at the end actually reminded me of Maleficent, villain from the Snow white story. Aaaand here's the look:

- Deborah BB Cream
- Essence Stay All day concealer
- Artdeco Fixing powder
- NYX blush Taupe
- Essence highlighter

- Artdeco eye primer
- Fleur de Sante Amaze eye shadow Green
- MUA eye shadow Shade 13 - pearl
- Sleek Au Naturel palette - matte black
- Artdeco eyeshadow 6
- Artdeco eye pencil waterproof
- Bourjois Volume glamour mascara ultra-volumateur

- Catrice Absolute eye colour Starlight expresso for brows

- MUA lipstick Shade 11

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Luštna kombinacija, sploh očesni mejkap mi je super <3

  2. Those colors look so good on you,I love the combo.

  3. Wooow, tisti tvoj make up na linku je vrhunski. Ti resnično obvladaš, bolj kot kakšna vizažistka.!

    1. Oh, hvala lepa. To pa je kompliment! <3

  4. I would never have considered using green and purple eyeshadow together but this looks gorgeous! Will have to try this out myself :) xx

    1. Oh, they work together so well. Try it and let me know how it turned out ;) Thank you X