Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday Fitness Progress: Cardio & Food diary

Yeah, I know, I know, I haven't posted Saturday Fitness Tip in 2 weeks and I didn't post progress yesterday. But I'm doing it today, because SFP can stand for Sunday Fitness Progress as well ;). Hope you don't mind!

You can check out my last Fitness progress post here. 
Not completely true, but good motivation still :) (Source: Pinterest)

I also started "new" workout program, I knew I needed to do more cardio, but just didn't find an exciting way to do it. So I ordered Zuzana Light's ZCUT Power Cardio DVDs, I waited 2 weeks for them to come, so I'm doing them for 1 week now and I can tell that I already feel tighter, lighter and I can perform better. Also, my muffin tops/love handles (however you'd like to call them) are smaller! I even weighted myself and I lost 0,5 kgs in one week, but weight is so inaccurate to me. Try to weight yoursell in different parts of the day and on different days in week. Sometimes even 2 kgs +/-. Or is it just me?  I still prefer measuring and focusing on how I feel.

I'll review DVDs for you after a month or doing them.

Now to the measurements:

6 Apr 2013
5 May 2013
Upper arm
Bust line
81 - 82 (I swear it's always different)
102 (-1)
Left calf

I refuse to post my "naked" pictures, just because changes are not major, I'll post them after few weeks of (mainly) cardio. Sorry, no nudity today :D

Anyhow, I was writting a little food diary from Monday to Friday, because it's good to have overall view on how much and what do you eat. And because you're curious what's on my plate :P

Monday, 29th April
Meal 1: I soaked oatmeal in soy milk over night, put some strawberries and half of banana in it
Meal 2 (post workout): cooked quinoa with mixed veg and flax seed
Meal 3: peanut butter with honey (this is like my favourite "dessert" and gives me instant energy)
Meal 4: hummus with mixed veg
Meal 5: pre-bed meal: few almonds (I was extremely hungry and I can't sleep when I'm hungry! :))

Tuesday, 30th April
Meal 1: smoothie: banana, soy milk, peanuts, cocoa powder
Meal 2 (post workout): salad, onion, carrots, hummus, pineapple as "dessert"
Meal 3: cooked apples ("čežana"), peanuts, cinnamon
Meal 4: sweet potato, brussel sprouts baked in oven

Wednesday, 1st May
Meal 1: cooked oatmeal in soy milk, strawberries, half of banana, cocoa, honey
Meal 2 (post workout): smoothie: spinach, hemp protein, strawberries, coconut water
Meal 3: sweet potato, cauliflower baked in an oven
Meal 4: 2 carrots, onion, green salad, hummus

Thursday, 2nd May
Meal 1: apple, peanuts
Meal 2: orange, almonds
Meal 3 (post workout): salad, cauliflower (baked in an oven), beans
Meal 4: smoothie: banana, soy milk, cocoa, peanuts
Meal 5: mixed salad, beans, peanuts

Friday, 3rd May
Meal 1: banana and almonds, one glass of coconut water
Meal 2 (post workout): pancake: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, flaxseed, almonds, 1/4 banana; topping: processed strawberries and diy chocolate (coconut oil, honey, cocoa)
Meal 3: salad with chickpeas
Meal 4: salad with chickpeas (yeah, I know, I'm extremely creative with my meals. lol)

Not everyday is perfect, but I do my best :)

Hope you had a great health fitness weekend, tomorrow is Monday, time to conquer the world ;)


  1. Thank you for sharing!
    I agree on the weight thing. Besides, sometimes you don't lose any weight on the scale but you do in centimeters. I tend to measure myself more than I weigh myself :)
    Also nice to see what you ate! It's a good inspiration :)

    You're doing great, Deja!


    1. Thank you Sal! Will try to post more food diaries!