Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weekly makeup tag: No tools

I was thinking if I should even post this look, because it's so über simple and minimalistic that it's kinda ridiculous. This week's theme was "no tools", I imagined that means no brushes and no eyelash curler, but I used liquid eyeliner (already has a brush) I hope that's not called cheating ;). I didn't apply any blush because I don't have any cream products for face atm (blush or bronzer). It's hard to blend all the eyeshadows with your fingers though, but it was a great challenge ;)

Check out Aqeela's blog to see what other lovely ladies created.
And sorry for crappy pictures,it was already getting dark.

- Bourjois Healthy mix foundation
- Oriflame Concealer kit


- Artdeco primer
- Sleek Storm palette
- Essence liquid eyeliner
- IsaDora Big bold mascara Super volumizing
- Catrice eyebrow pencil for brows

- MUA lipstick Shade 11

Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Meni pa so ravno taki preprosti looki všeč, zelo lepo:)Hats off to you za blendiranje s prsti;)

  2. Great job my darling,Love the look,soft and feminine,super wearable

  3. Zelo lepo ti je ratal eye makeup! Jaz bi verjetno zgledala kot klovn, če bi mogla blendat s prsti. :D

    1. Hvala! Mi je kar precej časa vzelo, če povem po pravici :D

  4. Glede na to, da nisi uporabila nobenega čopiča, si tole res odlično naredila. :)

  5. Super izgleda, sem pa danes opazila nekaj drugega. Da imaš zelo lepo kožo.

    1. Hvala! V bistvu se mi je v zadnjih mesecih precej izboljšala, enostavna nega je očitno res najboljša zame, bom post napisala :)

  6. Lovely! I found this tag a challenge at first (Sent my pics late to Aqeela so they're not up yet heehee) but then I remembered I started out with my hands when exploring shadows so it just feels pretty natural thereafter. In fact, I found using hands more convenient because there's no need to wash brushes :p

    1. Ha, no tools is great for lazy "brush washers" indeed :P I am so used to brushes that blending was really dificult, but I managed to do it, although it was not perfect.
      Thank you for commenting!