Thursday, April 4, 2013


I'm trying to eat gluten-free for a month or so now. And I'm doing pretty well, I must say :). Finding gluten-free flour can be challenging in Slovenia, I've been searching for coconut, almond, quinoa ... flour, but no luck. I found a recipe how to make a quinoa flour at home and so I made my first quinoa pancakes and I've been obsessed with them ever since :).

- 2 cup quinoa flour (recipe how to make it here) - we don't use "cup" measurments here, but I take one random cup and measure it out (today I used 90 grams of flour)
- you need the same amount of water
- pinch of salt
- baking powder (for 2 cup measurement use 4 tsp, I used around 2)
- olive oil (around 2 tsp)

Firstly, mix all dry ingredients together.

Then add water and oil and whisk them all together until well combined. Add water if it's too thick, add flour if it's too liquidy, but if you followed the instructions, it should be ok.

If you use 2 cup measurement (2 cups of quinoa flour and 2 cups of water), it should make around 10-12 pancakes. Pancakes should be smaller and thicker, because consistency of pancake won't allow you to make them bigger and slimmer.

Today I made them too big and they fell apart. But no biggy, they are still good tasting!

Put little bit of olive oil in a pan and use spoon to take mixture and create little pancakes. Flip them around when slightly brown.

They should be slightly brown on both sides.

Et voila, you (successfully) made your first quinoa pancakes. I like to eat them immediately, still slightly warm. You can also store them and use them instead of bread and I always love pre-planned meals :). They can be served with veggies or with fruit, can be perfect breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner option, so versatile! :)

Today I had them with spinach, red chicory and hummus. I ate 2 of them, they are quite filling!

If you try them out, tell me, how did you like them and how did you serve them? :)

Oh, and here are some other options:
1st picture: with spinach and portobello mashrooms and little bit of mustard;
2nd picture: half of banana, homemade chocolate and tea (made this for my mother for Mother's day, I'm such a good daughter ;)).


Bon apetit!


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