Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weekly makeup tag: Marilyn Monroe

Second Wednesday this year, I hope you're already making this the best year ever. If you don't, I will tell you how: click. ;)

Aaah, Marilyn Monroe, her look is such a classic, never getting out of style. Did you know that she usually used dark brown eyeshadow as her winged liner applied with wet brush? Also, she created another wing on her bottom lashline so it looked like her lashes are so long that they created a shadow underneath. For her lips she used at least 3 different colours: darker lipliner, red lipstick with blue undertones and lighter colour in the center. She over drawn her lips to make them bigger and rounder. She rarely used any blush, she contoured under her cheeks, forehead, reshaped her nose and highlighted like crazy :). Did you know that for photography back in the day they used vaseline? But just for photographs, if you wear it throughout the day it will smear all over your face.

Here you had some Marilyn Monroe makeup class, now to the look!



- Sleek Au Naturel palette (Nougat all over the lid, Capuccino and Bark for crease, also used these two for my brows)
- Essence gel eyeliner (I used black liner after all)
- Bourjois white eye pencil
- Catrice Lashes to kill mascara
- eBay falsies, I cut them in half and applied just on the outer corner

- Missha BB cream
- Bourjois Healthy mix concealer
- Artdeco setting powder
- MUA bronzed perfection for contour
- Alverde eyeshadow 09 nude rose & Essence Crystalliced for highlight

- Oriflame read my lips Don't talk just kiss (outline)
- Barry M lip liner no 5 (over the red lipliner)
- NYX lipliner 841 Coral (in the center)
- Revlon matte 006 Really Red
- used both highlighters in the center of the lips also

Sorry if I look extremely sleepy in this photos, drilling woke me up in the morning and I wasn't completely rested. My hand was also little bit shaky, not the best look I can do, but it will have to do :)

Have a lovely Wednesday <3


  1. I love this look,it looks gorgeous on you!You did such a great job with highlit,looks amazing!

  2. You did the look wonderfully, I actually watched some 1950s Merilyn monroe movies to do this tag!!

    1. hehe. I just watched some youtube videos :P
      Thank you! X

  3. Lep look, zelo ti paše. :D

  4. WOW! Deja you look stunning! You always do a beautiful job!

  5. O, lepotička! Zavidam ti zabrito pričesko, highlighter pa izgleda nadčudovito! =)

    1. Hvala :) (pa se zabrij, problem rešen :P)

  6. krasno, da je bila još koja perika bila bi savršena ;)

  7. Looking gorgeous! Love the skin. Looks healthy and glowy :)

    Sarah x

  8. Ful ti paše tale Marilyn look! ;)

  9. You look gorgeous! That BB cream looks divine on you.

    1. Thank you! It's one of my favourites :) x

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  11. Love this look, lovely! Hahaha I think we read the same website about Marilyn Monroe's makeup! I saw the same thing, but went for a black eyeliner after all, too! I love how red lipstick looks on you, just soooo pretty!
    And girl, you have to show me how you do your contouring, because you've got some skills I want to own!!


    1. I just watched one video on youtube and she explained everything about her makeup :P
      Thank you so much and I'll do a video on contouring after myy exam:)

  12. Your lips are amazing! xx


  13. WOW! I learnt so much. She was really ahead of the time. Imagine what she could do with todays make up!

    PS The red lips look amazing on you! :)

    1. Yeah, she used some good trick and tips which are really great even nowadays :)

      Thank you :) X

  14. You look amazing! This make-up look really suits you :) And thanks for the Marilyn Monroe make-up class, really interesting to read! ;)

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