Friday, November 2, 2012

Workout routine: the workout

I decided to do whole series around my workout routine: the workout, pre-workout, post-workout routine, favourite workout, why do I workout, gear etc. Let's start with the workout today. I will introduce you to some of my favourite workout routines and how I got introduced to working out.

My all time favourite workout routine is HIIT workout (high intensity interval training). This means short time (from 10 - 20 minutes), but you have to give it your maximum, workout should feel intense. I am not "one hour in the gym" girl. I like my workouts to be short, intense and fun. Also, fast anaerobic workout boosts your metabolism and you are burning calories for a long time after you finished your workout. You don't need any equipment (I use basic), so it's actually for free.

My workout diary and Gymboss interval timer.

I got introduced to HIIT when I discovered After that I started working out on regular basis. I didn't had an interval timer when I started but I always managed to do a workout. I also did most of them in modified version, I was in such a bad shape, let me tell you. YouTube channel: click blog: click

I like bodyweight workouts, no equipment needed or minimal equipment, that's why I don't like BodyRock workouts so much anymore. I still follow them and get inspired by their videos, blog, pictures they post (I like their yoga flow workouts a lot though), but I prefer Zuzka Light's workouts much more (she is one of the co-founders of BodyRock and she started her own Youtube channel). She's my superhero! :)

Zuzka Light Youtube channel: click

Jillian Michales 30 day shred is also HIIT, which I have also tried. It's fun, but I can't imagine I could be doing same workout for 10 days in a row (there are 3 levels, you suppose to do every level for 10 days). I like dynamic thing, like mixing up my workouts, so I don't get sick and tired of it.

In general, I really like lifting weights and skipping with a jump rope. I like having strong arms, which I never had in my life. You can use weight in many other ways, too. They are so handy (I will tell you about that in "my gear" post). And skipping is such a great cardio training, you can burn much more calories with it than with running.

I bought You are your own gym book last year and it covers basically everything you need to know about nutrition, why bodyweight exercises, what is "fitness", expains some myths, and the most important part: it has explained exercises and also a program for workingout. I recommend this book, it's a good starting point!

You can buy it here: click

I go jogging every now and then, but it's not so fun. I prefer going for long walks, walking is such a great cardio and always helps me to clear my mind.

 I got this book about yoga as a gift from a friend. Thanks :) <3

This summer I discovered yoga, I've been doing it every now and then when I don't feel like sweating too much, but I still want to do a badass workout. Yoga is great for your body and soul (well, I would say that any other workout is), it's good for toning your muscles and flexibility. And you can lose weight with yoga, too. I was actually thinking about taking a yoga class.

Here are some sites/YT channels I like to follow: videos: click
Sadie Nardini Youtube channel: click

Now, that I have been working out for quite a few years now, I usually put together my own workout. I always combine cardio and strength training. Some days I do just cardio or extra cardio after the main workout, or I incorporate some of my equipment or I just do bodyweight. However I feel like it.

Official Gymboss interval timer site: click. I bought it on eBay though.
I believe there are interval timer apps for your phone, but I'm not familiar with those.

I do interval training, for example: 10 seconds of rest to write down my reps or take a sip of water and 50 seconds of work, 12 rounds in total, that means 12 minute long workout.
Or I do workout for time, for example I do 10x pushups, 20x jump squats, 10x pull ups, 30x side lunge jumps (this is one cycle) and I repeat that 5 times. When I finish I stop my timer and write the time down in my workout diary.
Third option is that I do for example the same exercises as I written before (pushups, jump squats ...) but I do a countdown, usually 12 - 15 minutes and try to do as many rounds a possible within that time.
I make sure I always give it my maximum effort. This is the most important thing about HIIT.

Other Youtube channels I follow:
Blogilates: click
TheLeanMachines: click
LeanSecrets: click
ToneItUpCom: click

I have never gone to a gym, ever. I hate working out in crowded places anyways. When I do my workout is just me and I, so I can give 110 %. And that's basically it :).

What kind of workout do you do? Have you ever tried HIIT? Yoga?

Have a lovely day,


  1. Super objava! kar piši še več, me zelo zanima. Oprema, hrana še posebej :)

    1. Glede hrane sem tudi že objavljala.. amapk bom še.
      Me veseli,da ti je všeč :)

  2. Sem bila zelo blizu tega, da se letos vpišem na jogo, potem sem pa videla cene. :/ Sej vem, da se gre za zdravje, ampak če bi hodila tu pri nas (brez da bi se morala vozit kam ven) ... so kar izkoristili to, da so edini. Poleg tega pa tud nisem preveč za te skupinske oblike, najraje sama telovadim. Sem se v zadnjem mesecu malo polenila, ampak danes se pa bom malo razmigala, si me navdušla s tole objavo! :D Čeprav nisem niti približno toliko organizirana kot ti, pri meni je vse skupaj 20 minut na orbitracku, potem pa še trebušnjaki in podobne zadeve, včasih še čez kolebnico skačem. In pa sprehodi vsak dan, to je pa obvezno. :) Eno poletje sem redno tekla, pa je bilo super, ampak ker nisem imela pojma o tehniki, sem imela potem težave z mrtvičenjem nog med tekom in sem nehala. Mi pa te notranje zadeve malo bolj pašejo.

    1. Pri nas mislm,da niti ni tko draga joga. Pa še daleč nimam :)
      Sploh nisem tko organizirana kot zgledam. Samo napišem vsako vadbo in ko jo ponovim, lahko tako vidim napredek :)
      Me veseli,da sem te navdušla. Le poskusi kaj :)

  3. waw, kok maš dobro organizacijo glede tega! js nič ne telovadim, če se pa že spravim pa delam vaje za noge/roke, trebušnjake, sklece ipd. usega skup dobrih 20min.. :)

    1. Boljše to kot nič :) Ampak napredek je opazen veliko kasneje..če sploh kot s hiit. :)

  4. Interesting, I do like mixing up my reps and working out 3 times a week for around 20 mins like you. I haven't tried yoga or Pilates but would be interested to. There's no way I'll pay for the gym prices they charge in England lol, xoxo.