Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OOTD: Tomboy meets girly

I haven't posted an outfit post in a really long time. I usually like to dress comfortably, oversized shirts, preferably off shoulders, jeans or tights with shorts ... So, here is what I wore today, kinda tomboy-ish meets girly (heels).

Grandpa's shirt
Short New Yorker (I cut them myself)
Black tights Ann Christine
Wedge ankle boots (I forgot where I got them)
Beanie DIY
Ring DIY
Collar necklace eBay
Sunglasses Ann Christine

I feel awkward posting outfit post, to be honest. :D Let me know what you think!


  1. Love that look, it's very similar to what I like to wear in winter :D I love shorts and stockings!
    Loving the boots too!

  2. I love it love it love it, and ur hair is gorgeous, I love outfits posts, also if u can do ur hair treatment and how u achieve this color will be great xxx

  3. Prva fotka mi je zakon! Mi je pa všeč, kako ti te srajce pašejo, na eni vedno izgledajo grozno. Mogoče jih samo ne znam nositi.

    1. Hvala. heh, določene stvari moraš znat nosit :)

  4. supr style:) eni res znate nosit :) jz sm pa tak talent, da mi nič takega ne paše:) No, čevlje bi ti pa z lahkoto uzela:) lepi so :)

  5. I love this look of yours!