Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bye bye Cellulite

Or at least how to reduce it. You may never get rid of it completely, most of people have it. Even men, but they have less fat cells than women, that's why it's less visible. Even skinny girl have it.
Well, we all know how cellulite looks and that junk food will not help get rid of it. :)
So, I'll just mention some things that probably helped me to reduce cellulite.

1. Long time ago I read that lemonade can help you get rid of cellulite. What I usually do, is to mix one whole bottle of water (1,5 l) with juice from one lemon and drink it during whole day. No sugar! Sugar is no good for your body!

2. Drinking a lot of water help your body to stay hydrated and it helps you with losing weight. Cellulite is fat, water will "wash it away" :). I probably drink 4 liters a day.

3. Eating clean diet. No white sugar, white salt, white flour, no bad fats, noo highly processed foods ...Yes, there is still plenty food to eat, believe me :)

4. Exercise, exercise, exercise. I cannot put this out enough. Exercising helps me with everything - with losing wieght, sculpting my body, therefore losing cellulite ... and the most it helped me with my mentality. When you have a positive body image, weight just drops. Seriously.

5. No anti-cellulite cream will help you if you don't massage areas where you have it. I found this little massage thing-y not so long ago in Kik. I think it was 1 € or a little bit more (not more than 3 €). If I watch a movie (or whatever else I do) I rub it on my legs :D. It's not really time consuming.

6. I have probably tried a lot of anti-cellulite creams, and they can be quite expensive! The one and only treatment I love is this oil from Alverde. I used it last year, I use it this year and I think it helps. It's around 4 €. And no cream will help you if you don't exercise. Together they work magic :)

Don't deprive yourself from having fun because you think you have a lot of cellulite or because you think you're fat. When you start truly loving yourself, other people will fall in love with you, too. Even with cellulite.
And ladies, one more thing. Boys woudn't know about half of our "problems" if we would keep them to ourselves. :) So shhhh. If a boy likes you don't point out your flaws. :)

Summer is almost here!! Hope this helps!

xoxo Deja

P.S.: I changed my blog layout again. I really loved the previous one, but it was so slow on my computer and had quite some difficulties with it. Hope this one is better. Will probably do some more changes, but for now I'm quite satisfied with it :)


  1. this sounds interesting, but my theory is the only people who don't have cellulite are dancers/serial gym users, models and skinny minni's have cellulite, but maybe one day they'll get a magic cream.

    Great blog, if you get a chance to check out mine.

    nicki fannings blogspot.

    maybe we can be followers


    1. Nah, I don't really believe in creams. The only thing that worked for me was healthy food and exercise. This oil maybe just helped me with how my skin looks.

      I follow you :)


  2. Po naključju naletela na tvoj blog. :)
    Evo, spremljaj me: http://1606987.blogspot.com/

    Drugače pa me kontaktiraj, imam čudovito kremo, ki dobesedno požre celulit. Reducing.

    1. Me veseli, da si naletela nanj :)
      Bom počekirala blog. Za kremo pa nisme zihr, tko sm kozmetko,ki ni testirana na živalih uporablam. :)