Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My eyebrows - how I make them look awesome :)

I've got so many compliment on my eyebrows since I started posting pictures of my eye makeup. And I can say I like my eyebrows, too :)
I shape them quite thick, because thick eyebrows make you look younger. Who doesn't want that? :)
I used to shape them quite thin and never used pencil or shadow on them. I think I started coloring my eyebrows last year and I've been doing it ever since. I don't really go out without making them pretty :)

Can you see how thin they were? Yes, I was blondie once :D

This is how they look right now.

Here is what I use to shape:
- baby wipes (or any other damp cloth will work)
- razor thing-y (you can buy these things in any drugstore)
- Un-petroleum jelly (bought it on eBay; I loooove this stuff)

How I fill them:
- Catrice eye brow stylist 030 Brow-n-eyed Peas or
- Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 350 Starlight Expresso
- angled  brush by IsaDora

This is how your eyebrows should be shaped.
And it suits any face shape, any colour, any woman ... :)

And I probably did something stupid ... I uploaded (my first) Youtube video on how to shape and fill in my eyebrows.

I have a very bad camera as you may have noticed. :D I hope it's self explainatory enough. Is it even visible? Aaaa, kinda nervous what will people say on my first video :D

I will probably make more videos, if I get positive feedback. :))

I totally forgot about cutting the long eyebrow hair!! Because I already had them cut. Oh, well, I'm not perfect. :D
(Use your spoolie brush (you can clean a mascara wand from an old mascara) and groom them upwards and trim any long hair sticking out of a spoolie with little scissors. There is a lot of videos on Youtube how to do that!)

Hope you like my first video! Will figure out how to film better.My camera kinda washes me out :(

Good night!

xoxo Deja