Sunday, April 1, 2012

March '12 favourites!

In March I wasn't really trying any new products, but I fell in love with my older ones, which I had forgotten about and started using again ... I also mentioned my latest favourite book and song. Let's start! :)

1. Makeup Factory Mat Eye Shadow in a nude-ish colour has been in my makeup collection for about two years. I neglected it for some time, but when I started using it again I remembered why I had loved it so much before. It's so soft and easy to apply, it's so perfect for blending or for all over colour (I usually use it with my winged liner look) or even for setting my under eye concealer - works great as a powder, too :D. What a must-have product!

2. Second eyeshadow is from Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in 350 Starlight Expresso. This colour is so perfect for my eyebrows (it's kinda grey-ish brown), because with other brown-ish shadows eyebrows can look too red and it's just ... awkward. I apply it with my IsaDora angled brush and my eyebrows look even more awesome as they are :).

3. Best highlighter at the moment is an eyeshadow from Alverde in 09 Nude Rose. It's meant to be an eye colour, but it looks so great on cheeks, nose and cupid bows! I stopped using it because it fell on the floor and crushed into little pieces and was to lazy to fix it. I managed to fix it like MacGyver though :)). Will write a blog about fixing eye shadows!

4. I have never really been a book lover. But in March I read quite some books and one of them was from Jillian Michaels Unilimited (yes, she is a fitness guru, but also an amazing life coach). Been fan of hers for quite some time, but afterwards reading the book I feel in love with her even more. Do you wanna change your life? Then read it! :) I bought mine on

5. Nah, I don't really like Justin Bieber, but this cover of his new song "Boyfriend" from Chester See and Andy Lange is currently my favourite! I haven't even heard whole song from JB, because the cover is so good and I believe the original would sound rubbish :D

Tell me about yours currently favourite products, books, movies, songs ... Would love to hear or read!
Hope you had a lovely weekend,

xoxo Deja

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