Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Something a little bit more personal ...

I didn't know if I want to share this or not ... What the heck, here it is. If you like or dislike it.

"Why do you live healthy? Why don't you eat or drink that? Why do you workout? Why don't you eat any sweets? Why do/n't you ... BLAH!" I get that a lot. And if you live a healthy lifestyle or maybe you just don't eat specific food or whatever, you probably know what I'm talking about.

So let's go back in time a little bit. I was overweight my whole life. Three years ago I weighted 25 kilograms more than now (I probably gained weight, because I gained muscles, kilograms are not important; at least not for me). No clothes fitted me right, I was sick all the time, my mind was lost, I was sad, sometimes I asked myself why are people hanging out with me, why do I have friends ... I hated the girl in the mirror, to be honest (and a mirror can be a tough judge, you know it). Even doctor said to me I need to lose weight, my blood pressure was high and my energy level was low most of the time. 

When I started with a diet (90 days separation diet, almost three years ago), I felt like I was doing something good for my self after a long time or even for the first time of my life. My clothes started to fit me better, I even liked my reflection in the mirror. It was hard because I was alone in it. But I did it. For myself.

After some time, I gained self esteem, I became happier and supportive to others. I felt like a whole new person. Although the diet is not the healthiest option, but it sure did help to teach me about healthy lifestyle. I started reading blogs, books, sites ... about healthy lifestyle. I started incorporating more fruits and veggies in my diet, drink more water, started exercising ... 
No, I'm not trying to look like a model, I just want to be healthy (beauty comes in all sizes!). I don't want to start thinking about health when I'm already sick. I'm trying to prevent sickness. 
However, it was a long process ... more of a path, life changing path, it was a fight worth fighting! Actually I'm still fighting :)

I grew as a person, I even started to love myself (still in the process though). Because when you truly love yourself, the others will accept you just the way you are, with imperfections and even without makeup :). 

You are probably rolling your eyes and asking: 'what the heck is she talking about?' :)
So long story short: In my life I have people to love, people who need me, people to be with. And for them I want to be the best version of myself, best example, while I'm still alive. Of course, I am the most important person (to myself) and my body is the only place I have to live ... That's why I choose to take care of myself, that's why I live the way I live. And I love it that way. It was my decision, no one forced me to do it. 
Je ne regrette rien! :)

Give someone a hug today and share some loooove.
Oh, and I love you all <3

xoxo, Deja


  1. Word!

    Upam, da bom tudi jaz lahko nekoč rekla tako kot Edith ;)

  2. You're my inspiration. Resno. :)