Monday, April 16, 2012

Favourite nail polishes

I had in mind a "spring nail polishes" blog post but after collecting "spring" colours, which I don't really wear very often, I decided to do my ultimate favourite nail polishes. I don't colour my nails according to season, I wear whatever I feel like wearing :). So, here it is ...

From left to right:
Orly Rock-on red. It's my one and only Orly nail polish, but I would like to have more of them, because this one dries so fast on nails, which is a really important to me. I get impatient easily if a nail polish dries too slow :)  (Tuš Drogerija).
Avon nailwear pro Coral Beat. I mentioned this colour in one of my previous monthly favourites posts and it's one of my favourites of all times, I won't lie :) (Avon catalogue)
Revlon Blackest Black. Black nails always look so good. With anything, with everything. :) (Mueller)
NYX Girls Bermuda Tirangle. The prettiest blue-ish color ever. Looks so good on toe nails, especially in summer time :) (e-Bay)
China Glaze Peachy keen. It was love at first sight with this one. Light orange-y colour and it looks good in every season. (e-Bay)
Avon nailwear pro Real red. I think every girl should have a classic red in her nail polish collection and this one from Avon is just in right shade. Not too bright, not too dark, somewhere in the middle :) (Avon catalogue)
E.l.f. nail polish Teal blue. I really don't know what has this green to do with blue, but this is the name on the bottom, I think they messed up the stickers. :) However, I think this is the prettiest green and it just calls: "spring has sprung!" :) (E.l.f. website; I think it's called "Teal" on the site)
Barry M Mint green. It's a very light pastel green colour, which I like a lot! (

I was playing with my camera :)

Would you be interested in doing my nail polish collection blog post?

On repeat today:

Have a lovely Monday,

xoxo Deja


  1. Bom počakala na slikce, kako zgledajo laki na nohtih ;)

    Bissou, Lali :)

    1. mislm, da se boš načakala :P
      bissou xo