Saturday, March 17, 2012

Time for a new challenge!

I actually have 2 challenges - one is just for myself and the other one is for whoever wants to join me:).

Firstly, I will start writing my posts in English, as you may have noticed already :). Please be kind, English has always been my weakness, so I take it as a challenge. Always do something that scares you, right? :)

Second challenge is more health related. I've been reading a lot of books lately and I always find myself in strange positions while reading It's kind of a "book-asutra" :P or however you'd like to call it. While I was laying on my belly with my legs extended, I remembered an easy but effective exercise from waaaay back when I was still going to physiotherapy for my hip joints (never been injured, they just hurt me when I was walking, standing and even sitting too long). All you have to do is squeeze your butt as much as you can and hold it for few seconds, then release. Repeat countless times :P. And you  can do it for 5, 10, 15 minutes or even half an hour. It's not really time consuming if you read a book while doing it.

There is another great exercise for your bottom: one leg squats. Even regular squats are challenging enough (make sure you make them properly), but one legged ones are really really tough. And you need only one week to start seeing massive changes. Been there.

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So what's the challenge, you ask?

Whenever you find yourself in a "book-asutra" position (sorry, I had to do it again :P) - laying on your belly on a flat surface, sqeeze your gluteus maximus muscles for as long as you want. One minute is always better than zero! This goes for everything workout-related. I repeat that all the time.

And do one leg squats five times a day for five repetitions on each leg (5 times X 5 reps X 2 legs = 50 squats). It really takes a minute to do them 10 in a row. Sqeeze them in to your day - do them after returning from the toilet to your work desk, do them while you wait for your veggies to get steamed, do them while watching Deseprate Housewives or whatever show you're watching ... there is one more rule: if you don't do them 5 times a day, you have to complete all 50 (or whatever number is to make them 50) before bed time. It may sound impossible, but I guarantee you will see a change in one week only! If you don't, pease feel free to unsubscribe, insult me or beat me up when you see me in the street :P But that won't be necessary :) 
Here is a decriptions how to make them properly: click.

So, let's start! :) I'm starting tomorrow, because I'm still kinda sick (who follows me on Twitter already knows that :)). And this is the main reason for lack of posts lately. Sorry :(.

I hope my English is understandable :)) I was first thinking about writing in Slovene and English, but time is precious and my posts are always informative and long ... And I don't have all time in the world. I need to workout and eat and be awesome when I don't write my blogs. It's not easy :D

Have a lovely weekend <3

xoxo Deja


  1. Tvoja angleščina je čisto vredu... :) Sledim ti na Twitterju, sem ga ravnokar pričela uporabljat. Tale tvoj izziv pa z veseljem sprejmem, ampak kaj ko ne morem niti enega celega naredit. Do tal se še nekako spustim, gor pa več ne gre. Ubijalski so! Za izziv si bom vzela, da dobim dovolj moči, da sploh enega ali dva uspešno izvedem...

  2. hehe. dobr vedt, da se me razume :) super, potem se pa kaj twittnemo ;)
    js tut samo do dol pridem, gor pa mi še ne uspe. zto jih pa delam na stolu ali pa samo polovične. tudi super efektivno. pa poročaj o napredku :)

  3. One leg squats... I wish I could! Moje levo koleno tega ne bi preneselo, zato ostajam pri različnih verzijah počepov na obeh nogah.

  4. sj počepi dejansko niso obremenjajoči za kolena, če jih delaš pravilno.
    tut na obeh nogah je super. bolš sj neki kot nič :) sploh pa: practice makes perfect :)