Thursday, March 29, 2012

OOTD: yay or nay?

I usually don't post outfits of the day on my blog (I think I have posted OOTD twice), but my sister requested to write about combinations for spring (is this even a spring outfit? :P) ... When I was little I wanted to be a fashion designer, unfortunately I gave up on those dreams. I don't consider myself as a fashionista, never was, never will be, although I really like my yesterday's OOTN (because it was a night outfit :P).

So here it is:

jacket C&A
blouse New Yorker
shorts New Yorker (they were long when I bought them, cut them myself)
tights Tally Weijl
shoes Jello
belt C&A
necklace New Yorker
ring Six
handbag Tally Weijl

Nail polish NYX Girls in Bermuda triangle
Lip stick Revlon matte in 006 Really Red

Hope you like it. Would you like to see more outfit posts?
And here is a sneek peak of an upcoming post. Can you guest what it is? :)

xoxo Deja

PS: How the hell do I change "Domov" button in to "Home" button? :D


  1. Luštno... Tale make-up look si že objavila na Twitter-ju ne? :) Aja, domov gumb boš najbrž spremenila v home, v html-ju, če znaš delat z njim...

    1. aha.. sm se odločla, da bom celo serijo nrdila :))
      hmm. bom mogla očitno kje kej prebrat, kako se to nrdi :) ne, ne znam s htmljem delat, i'm willing to learn :)