Sunday, March 25, 2012

My piercings

This blog post was requested by Maja :). So here it is ...

Currently I have 8 piercings on my face: 4 on my right ear, 2 on left, 1 in nostril and 1 above the upper lip (aka Monroe).

My first piercings were the regular ones in the ears, which I have had for more than 10 years. Next were above those regular ones. So I had 3 piercings on right side and 2 on left. Those weren't that painful. And I don't remember if I had any difficulties with them ... it was so long time ago :).

left ear

Next one was a nose piercing. I barely remember any pain, I was more scared, because it was my first one on the face. It was kinda painful for first week, later on I didn't have any difficulties with it. This was about 6 years ago.

nose and Monroe

Next one was tragus piercing which I had it done few months after my nose piercing. The pain was quite big, but not unbearable. I had swollen face on the rirht side for some days, I couldn't really eat anything that wasn't liquid. But after that I didn't have any problems with it any more. And I had it done because all other girls had their helix piercings done and I wanted to do something different :)

right ear

The newest one is my Monroe piercing above my lip. In May it will be one year old :). It wasn't that painfull, my upper lip was swollen for some days ( I looked like Angelina :P. Joke, wasn't that bad). After two weeks it was completely ok.

I got them all done in Piercing Cult in Ljubljana. I really recommend them! I also buy my piercings there if I want to change them and from time to time I order them from CrazyFactory. They have amazingly huge selection of all kinds of piercings and they are really cheap!

I don't regret doing any of my piercing, although I think that all my 8 piercings are enough for now. Unfortunately I have no tattoos (yet!), I have few ideas, but I'm still searching for the right tattoo artist to do them :). 

Have a lovely Sunday,

 xoxo Deja


  1. Ooo, hvala ti, da si se potrudila zame... :) Luštni piercingi. Komaj čakam, da si naredim tragus-a... Upam, da ne bo preveč hudo. :) A ti tudi pri CrazyFactory kupuješ? Sem ravnokar omenila to spletno trgovino pri zadnjem postu.

    1. ni problema :) sj pomoje, da ni take panike tragus, samo js mam res trd hrustanc, to mi je še ona rekla.
      ja, dvakrat sm pa res kupvala od tam.. sm neki vidla, grem ga zdj bolj podrobno prebrat :))

  2. Zvezdice v tragusu so res lustne! Jaz se vedno vztrajam pri 'shiny kamencku' mogoce je pa koncno nastopil cas da ga zamenjam :)

  3. I have 10 piercings all together on my body... Most if them were made by myself (yes, I health...bla,bla). I realy got informed before I did it, I read the Piercing Bible,... to know exactly how and where to punch.
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