Sunday, October 26, 2014

Witch makeup series | Witch of the Spring

Fistly, I want to say thank you for your positive feedback on my comeback and writing beautiful comments on my new makeup series. You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside ;). Third witch in the series is Spring Witch. You can check out other two by clicking on the name of the witch:

The story behind the series:

Why a Witch?
Because I believe in magic and I am firm believer that witches did and still do exist. People just misinterpreted their powers and energy.
A Witch is highly intuitive woman, natural healer (she can heal just with her presence), who is not afraid to set her goals high, is strongly connected to her Inner self/Soul/Being, is a woman of Nature, Moon and positive vibes. She is basically a magnet, what she needs and what her heart truly desires, she gets. She's a giver - giver of Love, Light and Blessings. Believes in magic, but she practices only white magic and does only good, because is a firm believer of Karma - what you do comes back to you.

There's no bigger story behind each look. I just tried to mimic the Witch characteristics - mysterious, glamorous, magical and beautiful with seasonal colours.

And as you may know - I suck at covering my brows just because I have thick and long brow hair and hooded eyelids. I'm not ashamed to show you the close up of the mess I've created :)

Products used:
- Catrice Camouflage cream

- baby powder  

- Avon eye primer
- Costal Scents 88 palette - matte greens
- Bourjois Contour clubbing eyepencil 50 loving green
- Essence Liquid ink eyeliner
- Avon gel eye pencil
- MUA Immaculate collection palette - shade 12, shade 14 and shade 18
- KaNi cosmetics pigment Apple green*
- Catrice All round mascara Ultra black Extra volume, length & curl
- eBay false lashes

- Stanger glue stick for brow covering

- Bourjois Khol & contour eye pencil Ultra black

Wit(c)h love, Deja

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  1. Amazing! Na prvih nekaj slikah te sploh ne bi prepoznala :)

  2. Noro dobro. Res si upaš! In obrvi je bilo najbrž zelo težko skrit?
    Ti čarovnica naša! <3

    1. V bistvu sam postopek prekrivanja obrvi ni ravno kompliciran, je pa res, da je težje, če so tvoje obrvi goste, močne in debelejše. Kot so moje ;) pomoje bi mogla še enkrat ponovit postopek lepila, pudra in korektor na vrh :)
      In hvala <3

  3. So beautiful, I'm loving the brows and lips! :]

  4. Wau, hudo! Obrvi so reeees hude, bi jih kar tako nosila :D

  5. oooooo proljetna vještica je baš zgodna *.*

  6. Wauuu noro! magično in pravljično. Pa lepo si opisala čarovnice! :)