Thursday, July 26, 2012

One day cleanse/detox day

I said in one of my previous posts that I'm getting in the best shape of my life as my birthday present to myself. I am exercising every day, eating healthy, drinking lots of water ... Wanted to update you about my progress, but I'm a lazy blogger lately. Ugh. You have all right to hate me for not updating you. :) Bad, Deja, bad! I failed.
I will have more time (and hopefully I will be in the mood) for blogging in August. Pinky swear :).

So back to my detox day ... My body felt like I need some cleansing to do. So I decided to eat nothing whole day and drink only water.
When I was dieting (90-days separation diet) I had so-called "water day" every 29th day. That means you drink only water (and teas and maybe lemonade ...) whole day. It's recommended to do that every once in a while to give your body a rest.

I came across with a recipe for a beverage which is good to drink on a cleanse day. You will need only three ingredients + water :).

You will need:
- one lemon (I used organic lemon)
- cayenne pepper
- maple syrup
- water (1,5 l)

Squeeze one lemon and pour it into an empty bottle. Add three spoons of maple syrup and two to three shakes of cayenne pepper. Mix all ingredients with 1,5 liters of water. Store the beverage in your fridge and drink during the day. Make sure you drink plenty of pure water as well.

What are the benefits of a detox day?
Detox is meant to help get rid of built-up toxins and wastes in your body. You give your liver and stomach a break, especially if you eat poor diet (low in nutrition). Your digestive organs have to work harder to filter wastes and toxins from the body if you eat poorly.
A water day can also help you rehydrate your skin, clears your skin and increases your energy level.
Detox day is also good for you to take a rest, take a day off ... I recommend going for a long walk, do yoga, meditate, read an inspirational/motivational book ... whatever makes you calm and happy :).

And this is how it a detox day looks like (+green tea, I drank 2 cups). Make sure you have a toilet always near you :P

If you are feeling crazy and really need some serious cleansing to do, you can actually do this detox for three days (or maybe even more, make some research before doing your body any harm).
It seems impossible to drink only water (and this beverage and maybe tea) whole day, but your body will thank you!

Namaste (I'm really into yoga lately :D),

xoxo Deja


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