Sunday, June 3, 2012

End of May! Favourites time

I don't really have to show you a lot of stuff I've been loving in the month of May. I put some things together I've been using, reading, loving, watching ... and some random blabbing  :).

I finally got my first Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters. Those babies has been rocking my life ... Especially the orange one - Tutti Frutti. Will do a separate blog kinda reviewing them, if you like.

I've been using Bourjois Healthy mix concealer for the longest time (I repurchased it about five times). It's my all time fave concealer, and it's my monthly favourite, because I've been using less liquid foundation, because it's quite hot outside and I don't want my face to melt :). It gives me perfect coverage to hide my imperfections.

The book I'm still reading is from Jillian Michaels Winning by losing. It's a really good motivational book about how to lose weight and love yourself. Very different from other books with this topic. So far I've been loving it.

Favourite song:

I have incorporated a lot of dumbbells in my workouts. I think it really starts to show in my arms (I like strong arms :)). They're my roommate's, but I'm the only one using them :D. 2 kg each.

The end of May means the end of my challenge I posted at the beginning of month: "for every workout you do, you put 1€ in a piggy bank". I earned 30 €. I didn't do my workout just for one day, because my hip was in pain. Don't know why, now it's OK. Don't know what I'm going to buy with this money, probably something related to working out ... sports bra or maybe heavier dumbbells :D.

You can still enter my giveaway HERE, if you haven't yet. It ends next Sunday.

Have a lovely night,

xoxo Deja


  1. komad je tud men ful ušeč :) drugače pa čestitke za uspešno opravljen iziv ;)

    1. prou se ga ne morš naveličat :D
      hvala. i never fail :D

  2. I LOVE REVLON LIP BUTTERS!!! Creme Brulee is my favorite one!

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