Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm on Tumblr + chit chat

I just wanted to let you know that I'm on Tumblr, where I put inspirational and motivational pictures mostly for healthy lifestyle, working out etc.. I started it because I don't want to post those pictures on my blog, I think it's a waste of blog posts (on my blog specifically, unless that is what you do).
You can follow me HERE.

It's my birthday soon (3rd August) and I promised to myself to get in the best shape I've ever been in my life and it's kinda a gift to myself :). Tumblr pictures definitely help me with motivation. I don't have any specific plan to get in the best shape, I'll try to post my progress at least once a week or two ... Will do more food posts, recipes, workouts and other good stuff  :). We'll see how it goes.
Maybe I inspire and motivate someone else to do it along with me. And it's easier for me to stay motivated, if I say it publicly, because people then expect some body transformations. Don't you think? :)

Another promise I gave to myself was to stop colouring my hair so much. I don't have damaged hair, but colouring gets expensive if you do it very often. I have shaved right side of my head and on the left I am growing them out (was thinking about getting individual extensions, any thoughts/experience with it?). I just hope I don't get in the mood to shave my whole head. It may happen, you never know :D. 
So I will just stick to my natural lightning treatment with honey, because I want them to be lighter this summer (click - as soon as I'll have more time I'll start translating my older posts. For now I just have to focus on my exams).

Another "chit chat random" thing: If you have any awesome pictures with makeup you would like me to recreate or just name what would you like to see, just tweet it to me (@BooogeyWoman) or send it to my email (dejazu.blog@gmail.com). I really need to start doing more makeup looks, I miss creating and learning new things. If you have something challenging for me, don't hesitate, just send it. I love challenges :D

Was it enough for today's chit chat? :D

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. You are awesome <3

xoxo Deja

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