Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentine's day challenge | Glitter hearts

What kind of makeup do you create for glitter hearts? Classic pinup-y with glittery hearts on the cheek, of course :P I had no clue what else to do + no time to create anything else. So, simple it is. If you skip glitter hearts it's actually a pretty wearable look. Those glitter hearts were inspired by one of my favourite music artists of all times, Marina and the Diamonds, who wore a heart on her cheek during the Electra heart stage of her career.

Here's my look ...

Product break down:
- Bourjois Healthy mix Serum
- Catrice Camouflage cream
- Catrice All matt plus Shine control powder
- Avon Color Trend final touch Translucent tan
- Sleek blush Rose Gold
- Kiko Mixing solution
- KaNi cosmetics pigment Sparkle white
- Barry M Glitter stacking set
- Catrice gel eyeliner waterproof

- Avon eye primer
- Sleek Au naturel palette - Honeycomb, Cappucino, Bark
- Catrice All round mascara
- Essence liquid eyeliner waterproof

- Essence lipliner Femme fatale
- Bourjois Rouge edition 13 Rouge jet set

I did this makeup few days ago. I'm still picking up the glitter from the floor, bed, fruit in the kitchen ... :)

Let me know what you think and thanks for looking, commenting and supporting :)


  1. No ne morem mimo tega, da ne bi pohvalila popoln nanos eyelinerja :) Drugače pa res nosljiv MU, srčki ga samo še popestrijo :)

  2. Red lips look gorgeous on you! And I like that you kept it simple ;)
    And haha, glitter can be so persistent sometimes xD

  3. Lep, classic look, ki ga srčki fajn popestrijo. :P
    Pa strinjam se z Danijelo - popoln nanos eyelinerja. <3