Monday, April 14, 2014

Makeup series: Harry Potter Hogwarts houses | HUFFLEPUFF

Well, this makeup series took me longer than I expected, but at least I finished it ;) I already have 2 new makeup series in my mind, so I hope I'll be starting with one of them soon-ish :).
Today I show you the last one in the Harry Potter Hogwarts houses series, which is Hufflepuff. Make sure you check out other looks by clicking on the name of the house:

Hufflepuff values hard work, patience, justice, and loyalty. The house mascot is the badger, and canary yellow and black are its colours.

Products used:
- Yves Rocher Perfect primer
- Bourjois Healthy mix foundation
- Yves Rocher Youthfu glow foundation
- Bourjois Helathy mix concealer
- Essence Stay all day 16h long lasting concealer
- NYX blush Taupe
- Sleek Au naturel palette - Bark

- Avon eyeprimer
- NYX Jumbo pencil Milk
- NYX Jumbo pencil Black bean
- Sleek Au naturel palette - Noir, Bark, Regal, Honeycomb, Cappuccino
- Sleek Chaos palette - matte white
- Bella Pierre pigment 38 Money
- Essence Get big! lashes Volume curl mascara
- Essence Liquid ink eyeliner waterproof 
- MAX false eyeleshes

- Essence stays no matter what waterproof eyeliner pen
- Catrice eye brow stylist

- NYX Jumbo pencil Black bean
- Bella Pierre pigment 38 Money

If I ever go to Hogwarts, I'd like to go to Hufflepuff ;). You?
Tell me what you think and which makeup look from this series is your favourite.

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  1. Še en super look! Ful mi je všeč eye makeup. :)

  2. Deja, huda si. Oči kar žarijo. :o

  3. Izjemno, kot vedno. Pa rumeno senčilo mi je zelo všeč. :)

  4. Rumeno senčilo je čudovito:) Lep makeup:)

  5. Waw, mislim da si se pri vseh štirih izvrstno izkazala in sploh ne morem izbrati najljubšega. :) Js pa ne vem v kateri dom bi me klobuk vtaknil, ker v vsakem je nekaj zame :)

  6. This makeup look is soooo awesome on you! You look like a new (kinda evil) Disney villain ;) Even though it's a Harry Potter look. Ah well, you also kinda look like a Harry Potter villain with those dark lips and those powerful eyes :)


  7. Love the lips and the brows! I'd be Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff (I like learning but I'm not sure I'm smart enough for Ravenclaw really. And I'm loyal. Maybe a Huffleclaw? ;))

  8. Super izgleda :) rumena je res intenzivna. Ne morem se odločiti med tem in ravenclaw lookom, oba sta mi najljubša :)

  9. uuuuuuuuu odlično, naročito mi se oči sviđaju <3
    meni je ovo skroz ok za neki ludi večernji izlazak, kradem ideju :D

  10. Oooo ful dobro! Pa ful ti sekajo tvoje lepe oči ven. :)